This is how the tracking works for priority airmail, tracked.

UPDATE: As of june 2012 the package can be tracked in hungarian postal website from start to finish with a slight delay (delay <= 2 days).

I. You can track the package until it leaves my country (Hungary) on the Hungarian post office website. To do so, you need to

  1. go to the (deeplink) website.
  2. in the tracking field put the tracking number (eg: RR211902210HU )

You may need to wait one or two days before the tracking number is recognised.

II. Once it has left Hungary, the tracking is provided further by your postal service.

  1. US: US customers, please go to (deeplink) to track the package to your doorstep
  2. GB: British customers, please go to (a bit unreliable).
  3. AU: Australian customers, please go to
  4. CA: Canadian customers, please go to (deeplink), it is excellent service, even records the signature of the receiver, and can be viewed online (20130219, yyyymmdd).
  5. BE: Belgian customers, please go (deeplink).
  6. NL: Dutch customers, please go (deeplink)
  7. ES: Spanish customers, please go (deeplink)
  8. DE: German customers, please go here (yet to be verified: not working) or here (yet to be verified: not working). Best to track in the origin (hungarian) postal system.
  9. AT: Austrian customers, please go here (german only), high chance it is not working. Best to track in the origin (hungarian) postal system.
  10. IT: Italian customers, please go here (italian only), for some odd reason, the date must be specified (no need to be exact sending date).
  11. FR: French customers, please go here (french only)
  12. Turkey: This is a direct link (20130215)
  13. NZ: New Zealanders (or kiwis:), please go here
  14. RU: Russian customers, please go here
  15. NO: Norwagian customers, please go here (todo: doublecheck)
  16. IZ: Izraeli customers, please go here (deeplink) (todo: doublecheck)
  17. CZ: Checz customers, please go here (todo: doublecheck)
  18. SI: Slovenian customers, please go here (todo: doublecheck)
  19. AR: Argentine customers, please go "Correo Argentino" website (spanish only), for in country detail click on "Ver movimientos para el seguimiento nacional.", or this international tracking site.
  20. MX: Mexican customers, please go here.

Update (2012.08.01.): In Germany seems like you can query your package by phone or by email with Deutsche Post/DHL clerks. The successful email query takes a bit more then 3(!) weeks. Luckely as of june 2012 you can track in the hungarian website from start to finish. So we can skip this annoying step:)

For the two letters ISO country code, refer to this site.

Delivery timeframe

  1. For customers in Europe, it usually takes 3-10 days. I often have second day delivery to Germany and Spain.
  2. For customers worldwide (US, AU), it's usually 8-15 days.

Either way the package may be delayed up to 31 days. I have had deliveries to the US (2 so far) which took 31 days. It happens, but it's really rare. Second week delivery is most common.
(Also it depends where you live within the US, which state or city, but I don't have enough data to make an assumption or general rule)


Some useful question you may have
Q: Does tracking mean faster delivery?
A: No, it's priority airmail, just tracked. Should arrive in the same timeframe then priority airmail, untracked

Q: Does tracking mean more expensive delivery?
A: Unfortunately, yes. Tracking is an extra option which I have to purchase from the post office, in order to provide a code.

Q: Does tracking price increase with the weight?
A: No, it does not. Unfortunately as of 2014, the price does increase with weight. I still neglect it from the shipping fee.

Q: Does priority option cost increase with the weight too?
A: Yes, it does. However the increase is minuscule with weight, so I "neglige" it from the price. Ie. asking for slow delivery wont make shipping any cheaper.

If you have further questions, please feel free to add it below.

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