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Since my comment I was digging through libgeis source (from
Canonical), and synaptics driver (from, and tried out touchegg,
xswipe, ginn.

I think I settled on this compromise:
1. No tap gesture at all, all mouse clicks are allowed if you click on
the touchpad physically.
It eliminates accidentally cursor jumps while are you typing.
(ie. you type somewhere, then a second later you continue typing in an
another window)

Left mouse button click = single finger click
Right mouse button click = double finger click
Middle mouse button click = Three finger click

3. Two finger scrolling horizontally, and vertically

4. Disable all softbutton emulation
(what you are talking about, right button click is on bottom left
corner of the touchpad, also top-left or top-right for middle click)

5. With touchegg, I could manage 4 fingers scrolling recognize. (4
gestures in total. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT with 4 fingers), I use it for
Ctrl-PageUP, DOWN (tab switching in Firefox or terminal), and
Ctrl-Alt-Left, Right (workspace swtching).

I also discovered in the process how the touchpad/mouse is handled in
Linux, and it is a complete disaster.

For drag&drop, what you complain about:), is managable,
if you click on the touchpad, start dragging,
then when you are out of touchpad,
you hold it down while you "walk" on the touchpad
with two fingers, then continue the dragging operation.
Bit weird, but one can be used to it with time.

I'm collecting all my costumization on this webpage:

I postponed the migration from my previous laptop for 5 years,
because of the utter shit called "Unity".
(I used ubuntu 9.04 with some fix from 9.10.
And I still use that laptop everyday),

It took me almost a year (on and off), to eliminate all the ubuntu
unity madness,
and start actually using this computer for work.

I may compile a blogpost about the whole experience and call it something like,
"How to fix all the canonical madness in Unity, and get your workflow
in parity with Macbook Pro"

I'm a bit sad, that the following gestures will never work under the
current state of linux softwares:
- 2,3 finger pinch
- 3 finger scrolling
- 2,3 finger rotating, circular scrolling

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