General info about shipping.

All package are sent out as priority airmail, untracked by default.
Asking for tracking option is possible, and also some special delivery (like
If you are curious what is priority airmail, tracked, then please click on it:)

Delivery timeframe

  1. For customers in Europe, it usually takes 3-10 days. I often have second day delivery to Germany and Spain.
  2. For customers worldwide (US, AU), it's usually 8-15 days.

Either way the package may be delayed up to 31 days. I have had deliveries to the US (2 so far) which took 31 days. It happens, but it's really rare. Second week delivery is most common.
(Also it depends where you live within the US, which state or city, but I don't have enough data to make an assumption or general rule)

There are some more info on the tracking wiki page.

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