Available at: http://shop.arcol.hu/item/spring-kit

- http://blog.arcol.hu/?p=1970 (archived: on wiki.arcol.hu/blog:arcol-spring)

This is a simple spring kit for the extruder pusher:

Many people have trouble finding the right spring for the job, so
I decided I will offer the exact same springs, that I use on my own machine.
I settled to this spring after trying out more then 20 different springs.

The ideal spring is small, stiff, but not too hard to compress,
so the hobbed bar (hyena) does not bite into the filament instantly.

Also when you change the filament, the bolt is long enough so you do
not need to take it out completely from the extruder pusher.

Curious enough, how it looks mounted?:), here we go:

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