Mendel Heater Block


Obsolete product. Please use v4 instead.

This page is left for archive purpose only.

This heater block is for the official mendel extruder, and will NOT work with the hot-end, since it uses different inner threading.

The kit contains:

  • 1 pc. Heater block with an M6 threaded hole in the middle.
  • 1 pc. 200k thermistor
  • 1 satchet of firecement
  • 2 pc. of brown PU sleevings
  • 2 pc. of blue PU sleevings
  • bootlace ferrules (2 big and 2 small) for the thermistor and the power resistor
  • 1 pc. power resistor
  • 2 pc. of length purple wires for the thermistor
  • 2 pc. of length brown wires for the power resistor
  • 1 pc. of length of heatshrink tube for the molex connector
  • 1 pc. female molex connector
  • 4 pins for the female molex connector
  • 1 pc. male molex connector

Put everything together as described in the Hot-end v3.0 assembly manual.

For the official mendel hot-end please refer to reprap wiki page about it.

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