hotend v4.0


Obsolete product, superseeded by hotend v4.0.5.


This product was designed to replace hotend v3.0.1. v4.0 hot-end for 3.0mm filament

It has been a long time since I announced v3.0.

The new features:
- Hot-zone is completely metal.
- high temp extrusion should be possible, like pp, hdpe, plexi, polycarbonate, nylon (hopefully, this will be confirmed within a month)
- shorter, more compact, a comparison photo between v3.0 and v4.0:

- easier to assemble
- reworked nozzle

- laping for wrenches on nozzle, on stainless steel, heatsink
- built for easy maintenance
- self cleaning (you can remove the hardened plastic using two wrenches:)
- built with dual extruder in mind
- mounting compatibility for the average/stock reprap hotends
- 100k thermistor (which seems to be a more common preference)

For assembly instructions please read here:

Regressions/future adaptations:
Dropped compatibility for Rapman, Makerbot. A new mounting needs to be designed for these machines.
For rapman a 200k thermistor also needs to be sourced to be electrically compatible.

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