hotend v3.0.1


Obsolete product, superseeded by hotend v4.0.


This is version v3.0.1.


There is a short intro video here:

Also will be up on the wiki too:

Here is a detailed article:

Main features

1. Mechanical and electrical compatibility with Rapman. It has the same mountings, and use the same range of
heater element (power resistor), and the exact same of thermistor.

2. Completely separated hot and cold zones. The filament only melts 10mm in total in the hot-end (including nozzle too).
So it is very unlikely it blocks because of heat traveling.

3. Maintenability. You can unscrew everything, nothing glued or mounted permanently together.
You can easily clean if some contamination blocks inside the nozzle. You can see inside, because the nozzle is about 10mm.
Look at this article, if you wonder why it was important to me:

4. Compact. The overall height is about 70mm. The rapman needs some additional spacer disks to not modify the machine at all.
(and also I dont see a point to have ability to print taller objects on rapman. Or having bigger Z travel)

5. Wire relief. It is secured, so its hard to broke one of the connections (especially the thermistors' one). I have some connection issue with my stock rapman hot-end, but I would need to destroy the nozzle and thermistor to examine it. It sucks.

6. Easy assembly. That basically means eliminated fire cement. Only the thermistor needs a tiny bit. I can mount a nozzle within 20 minutes with connectors, and everything.

7. Purpose machined. Everything is made with a CNC machine or lathe. That means virtually no leakage possible anywhere. I always prefered the better solution then cheaper one. That means additional heatsink (even if it is not really required), lathe on everything, etc.

8. Exchangable nozzle. Only the nozzle needs to be changed for different
orifice size, or inner structure. So it is easily upgradable in the future for a
fraction of price…;-)

9. Attachable nearly every machine. This extruder can be attached without modification to Rapman and prusajr's Mendel. The stock mendel needs slightly different x-carriage, and makerbot a mounting. Read more about the mounting options.


The assembly should take no more then 20 minutes. It is pretty straightforward process, you only need to screw everything together, the only harder step is the thermistor mount.

View the assembly instructions here.

Mounting on different machines

Rapman, Mendel, Makerbot no matter what you have this hot-end can be mounted on nearly every machine (some are still work in progress).

Here you can read more about the mounting possibilities.

Setting up skeinforge for Hot-end v3.0

This wiki page has all the finetuned settings for this hot-end for each nozzle size. So we figured out for you.

Here you can read more about the skeinforge settings.

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