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What a year. Read and remember the biggest moments of 2012.

And at the end get to know of a completely new product, the best way to finish a year.

Lets greet the new family member, the mini-hyena v2.0 and also regular hyena v2.0!

Achievements in 2012

Just a quick recap before we advance to the next big thing:) hotend v4 — 2012 January

Although the initial version of the v4 hotend went live at the end of 2011, many later improvements came this year. So it is a really 2012 product. Grab one here. hyena v1.0 — 2012 April

I started with v1.0, do you remember?:

M8 nut with M3 grubscrew — 2012 April


When a simple nylock M8 nut is not enough, and you need more torque.
Documentation here. Available here. hotend v4.0.5 — 2012 May

Bugfix release over v4.0. Announcement here.

Grooved 608 bearing — 2012 May

Tiny, but useful improvement. Original announcement here. mini hyena v1.0 — 2012 June


Discovering the need a reliable drive gear for direct drive mechanism, I launched the mini hyena campaign.

I gathered many feedbacks from this campaign, which helped to redesign the whole hyena family. See at the end of this article:) hotend v4.1.1 — 2012 October


I improved v4.0.5 more, and came out with v4.1.1:
It is not only bugfix (set screw), but also a real improvement (aluminium mounting) and aesthetic (black tubing) over v4.0.5 design.
Grab one here. hyena v1.1 — 2012 October


It is basically a usability improvement. Now you can counter-tighten with a 6mm wrench instead of a pliers.
For announcement, read here.
Grab one here.

Spring kit — 2012 November


Original announcement here. Grab one here.

Maglev fans — 2012 November


Maglev fans move more air with less noise; a small but nice improvement.
It is available for sale with the complete extruder (see next point).

Complete extruder — 2012 December


Original announcement here. Grab one here.

The Hyena family v2

The campaign helped me get the manufacturing done and gather much feedback.
Which kickstarted the design of v1's successor!

Asymmetric tooth profile - Hyena v2

To come up with this tooth profile it had taken countless hours and numerous versions.

Did you think the hyena was a great product? Then you'll think v2 is the best product ever!

The v2 outperforms v1 by 220%. That means at a given force where v1 has already slipped and chewed up your filament, v2 is still pushing it through happily!



For the tech-savvy out there, here is the drawing:

Unified size

One of the main discoveries from the campaign was
that the four different sizes did more confusion than good.

The conclusion is to make one size with either a 5mm or 8mm bore.
It makes everyone's life easier and one size fits all!

Here is a picture to demonstrate this handy property:

Regular hyena adjusted — Hyena v2.0

This news itself would deserve a separate article, as it is a huge milestone.
For v1.0 announcement, read here, and for v1.1 read here.


The shorter, the better

You don't need worry about the length of your motor shaft. Or particular extruder design,
because the mini hyena was designed to the shortest length possible: 10mm!

One size fits all

A picture worth a thousand words:)


Mini hyena fits on either 5mm or 8mm motor shafts.

Final look

When the extruder is properly set up the hyena accumulates absolutely no plastic chips over time.

Here is a photo after two weeks of continous printing:

If there are some chips inside, clean the Hyena with a needle not a file.
Never use heat especially not a blowtorch.

Printing achievements

I should compile an another article, where we are currently quality-wise, since I teamed up with a professional graphic artist (hey QNLaca!:)).

Until that article, here is a photo for the impatients:

Hall of fame

People, who made the mini hyena and also the v2 development possible:

  • Anonymous
  • dazed.dnc
  • Anonymous
  • atntias
  • Sefi1
  • fdefoy
  • harmonicity
  • hewball
  • houde.jeff
  • Anonymous
  • whosawhatsis
  • Intrinsicallysublime
  • bjoern5
  • contribute1334329857
  • cjmekeel
  • ckaosatom
  • scott.a.maher
  • wat_willy
  • raldrich
  • nop.head
  • device2003-kst
  • RobPovey
  • repraphd
  • justin.hawkins
  • Anonymous
  • contribute1338394611
  • vastempty
  • contribute1338413084
  • Anonymous
  • Inc0me
  • gary.s.hodgson
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • MattS
  • hoani.cross
  • boman22
  • lincomatic
  • Anonymous
  • colin22
  • m.feherpataky
  • DerekAnderson1
  • proto.user
  • Anonymous
  • SteveKelly
  • contribute1338109472
  • Pazu1978
  • AlessandroRanellucci
  • reprapdiscount
  • paranya2
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • labmat
  • maxinux
  • kurtis.burr
  • Anonymous
  • maik1
  • clem.taylor
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • JordanRoss
  • logxen
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • logxen
  • jax1000
  • reprapdiscount

It's Party-time! See you guys in 2013!:) Can't wait to show you my latest stuffs!:)
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