TODO: PICS!! (win and linux)


About the 4pi firmware

It is the arduino's Sprinter firmware ported initially, but it got many new developments since then.
The G-code parser has been rewritten, and so the sd-card handling.
Also new G-code command is added: M109. Set extruder temperature and wait.

Compiling and uploading

0. Grab the firmware first here.

1. You compile the firmware OR get a precompiled one
2. You upload the firmware to the hardware

History (Marlin + arduino + RAMPS):

Compiling and uploading was done with arduino software.
(either with a single button or separate "compile" then in menu "upload")

It has a different (ARM) processor, so it needs different software setup.

I/A. Compile firmware by yourself (latest version, recommended).

1. Download the 2012.03-56 codesourcery-lite (for windows), it is not the latest.
(( as of 10 december of 2012, the latest is 2012.09-63)).

In the latest version, there is a bug in newlib.
So the 2012.03-56 is known to be working.

Windows installer file to download: arm-2012.03-56-arm-none-eabi.exe
Windows installer file MD5sum: a32f741a0a4f8cc13ba04f2816a7e086
Linux installer file to download: arm-2012.03-56-arm-none-eabi.bin
Linux installer file MD5sum: 995b9277e47d217ac9131c4f7f4bce65

For Macintosh users, please read step 7 and 8 here.
Also there are tons of tutorials over the net, just google for codesourcery osx. If you know a working step-by-step instruction, please add it here.

See Codesourcery downloading troubles section for more infos and caveats.

2. Open a command line
3. Go to firmware's src dir
4. Type cs-make

I/B. Precompiled firmware ready to upload to the device

You can download the precompiled firmware here, ready to be uploaded. Also you can check this first, then dive later to self-compiling.

II. Uploading:

For win, mac, linux b-o-s-s-a v1.2.1 is recommended.

It is an alternative to b-o-s-s-a, just in case.

III. Driver issue

For linux and mac no driver is needed.

For windows 32 bit (that means: Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32bit),
go to the firmware's at91lib/usb/device/cdc-serial/drv/ sub-directory, and get the 6119.inf file, or use this direct-link.

For windows 64 bit (that means: Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 64bit), download CDC_64bit.inf, from here.

Most of the windows' are not tested, so if you tested on one species, then please add a comment here, that it is working for you.

Second extruder

2. T1 switches to second extruder, T0 switches back to first extruder

Set temperature on first extruder (180C):
M106 S180 T0
M106 S180

Set temperature on second extruder (still 180C):
M106 S180 T1

Codesourcery downloading troubles (as of 10 december 2012)

1. Download the EABI version.
(the GNU linux version is not for linux computer, it is if you want to put linux system onto the 4pi itself. We want realtime 4pi firmware on 4pi and not a full featured linux system. So we want to drive stepper motors with accurate timings and not running firefox:)).

2. Semi-registration is needed. Use valid email address (or better: mailinator.com temporary mail address), as the download link is being sent to your email address. You can use bogus name, country and city.

3. Once you gave bogus email, you dont get the email form anymore, but their success page. Clear your cookies (mentor.com keys) in your browser. (In firefox: settings->privacy->clear invidual cookies)

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