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2012-09-25: Ikea drawer
2012-10-17: spring kit
2012-10-19: Hobbed bar, hyena v1.1
2012-10-30: hotend v4.1.1.
2012-11-18: Maglev carriage fan
2012-12-01: 2012 October, recommended extruder setup by
2012-12-31: The big thank you post and hyena v2 announcement
2013-01-31: hotend v4.2
2013-08-24: chrome hyena v2.1
2013-11-20: T2.5 belts, pulleys and bearings
2014-04-14: hotend v4 for Rapman

2013-10-01: Whole family of hotends

2013-11-xx: Hotend care

2013-05-XX: Rippling, Vibration and Resonance

Scraped blogposts:
2013-08-XX Never trust ebay
2012-12-xx: The big motor tests
2012-12-xx: Setting up the 4pi

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