Mounting the extruder body

version: v3.0.1.

Attach the stainless steel triangle and the heat insulation disk together with three spacers and nuts:

Here is another view:

Screw the PEEK insulator into the nozzle as firmly as possible. You can use two pairs of pliers too. This is important because the PEEK insulator must form a seal to prevent plastic leaking out.

Take the sleeves for the thermistor and slide them onto the thermistor's wires:

Repeat wit the sleeves for the power resistor wires:

Thread the wires through the appropriate holes in the heat insulation disk:


Bend each heater wire into an S-shape. It helps to secure the nozzle, and also prevents heat going upward:

Put the PTFE tube into the PEEK insulator, and put the copper cap on it:

Slide the aluminium tube onto the PTFE:

A little ring comes above the teflon pipe, which fits to the middle of the two lower mdf discs.

Put the two bottom mdf disks on. You should insert the M5 bolts into the disks at this point. The bolts are trapped in the hot end so that they cannot be lost.

Stack on the remaining two MDF disks, and attach them with the 3 M3 bolts.

Bend the wires into an S-shape through the disks. This prevents the thermistor wires from accidentally breaking.
(please note that this picture displays 3 disks. You should have 4 in the kit. Depending on your printer's z-axis, you should use either 3 or 4 disks. )

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