Hot-End Makerbot Universal mount

Please read the general makerbot mounting description.

The universal makerbot mount attaches to the cupcake or thingomatic build platform and holds the hotend and an extruder of your choice. It supports the Mk4 and Mk5 extruders, the Brutstruder, and all of the Reprap/Mendel extruders, such as the Wade's. Here is how it's assembled:

Make sure everything is included;


Remove the top M3 bolts from the hotend, the top MDF disc, and the captive M5 bolts.


This is the piece the hotend will mount to.


Attach it like this, using the three M3 bolts you just removed:


Now, find the two base pieces. They look like this:


Make sure they are arranged in exactly this way. Note how the outer holes are closer to the walls than the inner ones. This is important.

Now, attach these three parts together:


Like this:


These are the support legs for the extruder. You will need to make two of them:


Here is how the top part fits together with the two legs:


The other large plate is where you mount your extruder. Here is a bruststruder mount:


The Mk4/Mk5 extruder mounts the same way. Pay attention that the filament guide hole aligns correctly. If you are mounting the Mk4 extruder without the dinos, make sure that you put in the bolts in the corners of the extruder body where they would normally attach to the dinos.

To mount a Reprap/Mendel style extruder, attach it to the M4-sized slots either side of the hotend, through both plates, making sure to align the filament holes. Here's a closeup of a Wade's (gear removed for clarity):


Place the extruder plate on top of the hotend plate. The tabs of the supporting legs should align the two. Place the whole thing on the makerbot build platform. and attach it with either long M5 bolts through the entire legs, or with four zipties


Now connect your wires and get printing!

Here are some extra pictures of the parts:



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