Hot-End Makerbot minimal mount

Please read the general makerbot mounting description.

The Minimal Makerbot Mount attaches to the same mounting holes as the Mk4 hotend, and is compatible with the Makerbot mk4 and mk5 extruders.
Here is what it looks like installed in a Cupcake:

Installation instructions

- These are the parts included with the minimal mount:

Make sure both pieces are there. The part on the left in the photo attaches to the hotend, the part on the right to the extruder.

- Locate the two mounting holes and filament guide hole on your extruder. Here's the Mk4:

- Insert a piece of filament through the extruder plate and into the filament guide, and an m3x10 screw into one of the mounting holes:

- Attach the second m3x10 screw.

- Place the hotend plate on top of the filament Make sure the holes at the corners align, and note which way around it is. If the holes don't align, flip it over:

- Take your assembled hotend:

- Remove the three m3 bolts on the hotend and the top MDF disk. Also remove the two M5 bolts.

- Attach the hotend plate to the hotend, replacing the top MDF disk. Remember the orientation you noted down earlier? Remember which side of the hotend plate faces the extruder plate.

- Attach the plates to each other:

- And fix them together with M3 screws:

And you're done!

Here are some more photos:

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