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The currently available stuffs what are selling:

Arcol.hu Hot-end kit v4.x


Can be ordered now.
This is the best hot-end ever.*

*: In my biased view.

Read more about the Arcol.hu hot-end.

Hobbed Bar Hyena


This is an essential part of the Wade's drive mechanism, needed to have a working extruder.

Read more about the Hyena V1.0.

High resolution stepper motor


This is a 400 steps/revolution Nema-17 sized stepper motor.

Read more about the stepper motor

CNC'd squashed frog


This part is really tricky to do it by hand (although not impossible),
so if your time value a little, then you should buy a premade one.

I made mine by hand more then 3 hours, but back then noone offered a
machined/lasercutted one.

Read more about the squashed frog

Heated bed kit for Rapman

A heated bed is essential to warp-free, large or full bed prints.


This kit contains everything to have such a heated bed for Rapman.

Read more about the Heated Bed Kit

Temperature controller for heated bed


Not every electronics can control a heated bed. So this kit is an autonomous
heated bed control, measures the bed's temperature via a thermistor, and
controls the bed via an SSR relay.
It also has buttons and LCD screen for easy setting.

Read more about the Temperature Controller

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